Facebook advertising changes

Facebook advertising changes

Facebook is making some changes to how it displays ads. This can only be a good thing for advertisers. I’m sure there will be many complaints from users about the changes but it will not result in people leaving the Social Network.

It will be interesting to see how much the Cost Per Clicks increases as a result and also if the changes will improve Click Through Rates.

You may also have noticed a reduction in the number of ads for ‘dating’ and ‘singles’ on your pages. It turns out that Facebook have taken note of complaints from users about how many of these ads were being delivered to them. and have restricted who can place these ads.

That impacted on me directly (not that I began missing the opportunities of single women over 50 available to me in the Bray area) but because I was trying to book an advertising campaign on Facebook for a Matchmaking agency.  My ads were being refused despite the changes that I made to the copy and I couldn’t figure out why.

Who can place dating ads now?
According to my research, those with very large advertising budgets are still able to place dating ads.

Wider Implications
As advertisers and marketers, it should be a concern that such a valuable advertising tool can be denied to us without any warning.


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