Facebook Font… better than Comic Sans but what’s the thinking behind it?

Have you noticed the latest change to the Facebook font and layout of shared content?

Shared content from all media sources looks the same now.  Logos from media sources have been removed and the headline stands out far more than the source from which is came.  In fact, the source website appears in a light grey.  Photos are now more prominent. Have a scroll through your feed and take a look.

Why is this?

  • It might be to ensure that brands that are advertising achieve greater prominence on the page
  • It could be to get users used to the soon-to-be larger ad format
  • It could be that eventually Facebook will remove the source website details altogether and start charging media companies each time a post from their site is shared
  • It could be to ensure that brands whose posts are being shared, do not get as much benefit from their posts and will be “encouraged” to advertise on the site

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.


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