Me gusta mucho Mexico…. (I really like Mexico)

I saw possibly the most wonderful thing the other night.  

Far from being the dangerous, crime ridden, kidnap happy city that I was expecting, I have only experienced good things since arriving on Friday evening in Mexico city.  On Saturday at midnight, I saw something which gave me some real insight in to the heart of the Mexican people.  

Some young children had been begging at the tables outside the restaurant at which we were eating.  They hadn’t had any luck at all and much to my regret I followed the usual advice to not give money to people begging.  

About ten minutes later, we saw the four girls sitting at a table behind us.  The waiters brought them big plates of food, glasses of fruit juice and then some ice cream for dessert.

Rather than run them from the restaurant, the staff had sat, fed and treated these kids with respect and compassion.  

The image of these kids sitting, eating and chatting away, just like me and my friends had been, will stay with me for a long time.

Me gusta mucho los gentes de Mexico.



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